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October 15 2019

How to do Effective Meeting Facilitation - a Facilitator's ...

Are you looking for ways to increase productivity in your meetings? We've compiled a meeting facilitation guide to ...

Meeting Facilitation
August 23 2019

How to Engage the Participants in a Meeting

Actively including your participants leads to higher motivation and more effective meetings. Ib Ravn is an Associate ...

Meeting Facilitation
August 1 2019

7 Creative Ways to Make Your Meetings More Fun

We all know what a bad meeting is like - when people are disengaged and no one is in a good mood. The feeling of ...

Meeting Fun
May 28 2019

What a Bad Meeting Culture and the Climate Crisis have in ...

Are your meetings overheated, deadlocked and, to all outward appearances, completely hopeless? The same is often said ...

Meeting Facilitation
May 27 2019

5 Reasons Your Meeting Minutes are Important

At Capturi, we want you to forget about taking meeting minutes and focus on the meeting at hand. However, whether ...

Meeting Minutes
May 27 2019

Here’s How We Changed Our In-house Meeting Culture

In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of meetings, our objective at Capturi is to help others optimize. Pure and ...

Capturi News
April 4 2019

Which Character from Game of Thrones are You in the Meeting ...

The hype for Game of Thrones is at its peak with Season 8 on the way – and we’re all patiently waiting to see how this ...

Meeting Fun
January 28 2019

Ten Tips For More Effective Meetings

"How can I run more effective meetings?" We've compiled a list of ten effective meeting tips to boost your meeting ...

Meeting Facilitation
January 14 2019

Test: What is Your Meeting Personality?

Remember back in high school when you had a group project?

Meeting Preparation
January 8 2019

7 Reasons to Not Have a Meeting

Another meeting isn't always the answer. There's surprisingly many great alternatives.

Meeting Preparation
January 3 2019

3 Pros and Cons of Using Speech Recognition in Your Business

Speech recognition is no longer just a "fun feature" that you use to ask Siri what the meaning of life is (try it). ...

Meeting Software
December 7 2018

Guest Blog: Meeting Tips for Startups

Guest blog written by Taylor Ryan, CMO at

Meeting Preparation
November 30 2018

Use Meetings to Motivate Employees

"How can I motivate my employees in meetings?"   Meetings can get you on the path towards motivated employees.   ...

Meeting Facilitation
November 27 2018

7 Tips to Facilitate a Walking Meeting

You know walking is good - but how do you do walk and talk meetings?

Meeting Facilitation
November 21 2018

How to Prepare for Your Meeting + Free Agenda Template

Preparation is always important, but especially so in meetings.

Meeting Preparation
November 14 2018

The 4 Most Important Meeting Types

Most of us can relate: entering a meeting room without knowing what you’re in for. You might know the other meeting ...

Meeting Preparation meeting types
November 12 2018

Guide: Choose the Right Meeting Space

Is the meeting space you've chosen contributing to productive work?

Meeting Preparation
November 7 2018

Do You Want Effective Meetings? Here's the Perfect Weekday ...

Every weekday is different, and they're best for each their type of meeting.

Meeting Preparation
October 18 2018

Sneak Peek: How Speech Technology Affects Future You

A report on the key takeaways from the world’s largest conference on speech science and technology, Interspeech 2018.  

Meeting Software
October 16 2018

6 Crazy Ideas to Bring Laughter into Your Meetings

Does your workplace tend to be a bit serious? Is it a place where people could benefit from loosening up a bit? When ...

Meeting Fun
September 28 2018

Meeting Makeover: How to Bring Technology into Your Meeting

Meetings are one of the biggest time consumers in your workplace – and a tired practice. So, why on earth haven’t we ...

Meeting Software
September 12 2018

6 Tips to Use Your Body Language Effectively in Meetings

What do you think is most important in order to appear convincing in a meeting? If you think it’s your words, think ...

Meeting Facilitation
August 13 2018

7 Ways to Kick-Start Your Meeting

It's all about getting a head start; whether it's a D-I-Y home project, going for a run or your project at work. A head ...

Meeting Facilitation
July 2 2018

The Magic of Speech Recognition: What are the Possibilities ...

Speech recognition. It’s almost like magic. You can just say a few words into the air, and a nearby digital device can ...

Meeting Software
June 27 2018

Capturi Replaces Paper and Pencil at Mobilize Me

Rikke Daugård is a consultant and coordinator in Mobilize Me. A company that develops utilities for people with ...

Customer Case
June 22 2018

Cultivate Surprises and Achieve Dynamic Meetings

Meetings are such a big part of our workdays – and even take up much of our leisure time – that there is always the ...

Meeting Facilitation
March 27 2018

How to Write the Perfect Meeting Minutes

Do you switch to autopilot (and write down everything that is said) when you are taking notes at the meeting? You are ...

Meeting Minutes
August 7 2017

Where to Sit at the Meeting Table, and Why

You probably think it doesn’t matter which seat you pick at the meeting. Actually, your seat choice makes a clear ...

Meeting Fun
June 21 2017

Digital Tools Could Improve Your Meetings

You have busy days, right?

Meeting Software
June 20 2017

Afford Meeting Minutes Respect and Gain a Valuable Tool

A well-prepared and carried out meeting might end up like a balloon following its encounter with a sharp pin – deflated ...

Meeting Minutes
June 16 2017

New Habits May Give New Life to Meetings

Just like the cows of Hinduism, the meeting seems a holy institution in Danish businesses and organisations. We have ...

Meeting Facilitation
March 24 2016

What You can Learn From a Four-Year-Old About Good Meeting ...

Do you find it hard to imagine what a four-year-old can teach you about good meetings? We don’t expect you to take our ...

Meeting Fun
March 10 2016

The Art of Follow-Up. How to Maintain Momentum After a ...

Your preparation was excellent, everyone was highly engaged and timing ran like a Swiss clock. You created a plan for ...

Meeting Minutes
March 4 2016

5 Time-Saving Tips for Focused and Efficient Meetings

Tired of long rambling discussions and meetings that drag out? Looking for ways to keep your meetings focused and on ...

Meeting Facilitation
December 29 2015

Better Meetings: Leave Your Meetings Satisfied

Have you ever left a meeting unclear whether you reached the aim? Or have you been in doubt about which tasks you were ...

Meeting Facilitation
December 14 2015

How Much Time do You Spend in Meetings?

When spending a lot of time attending meetings, naturally, also a huge amount of time are spent preparing and ...

Meeting Facilitation