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May 27 2019

Here’s How We Changed Our In-house Meeting Culture

I n the fast-paced, ever-changing world of meetings, our objective at Capturi is to help others optimize. Pure and ...

Capturi News
January 3 2019

3 Pros and Cons of Using Speech Recognition in Your Business

Speech recognition is no longer just a "fun feature" that you use to ask Siri what the meaning of life is (try it). ...

Meeting Software
November 12 2018

Guide: Choose the Right Meeting Space

Is the meeting space you've chosen contributing to productive work?

Meeting Preparation
September 28 2018

Meeting Makeover: How to Bring Technology into Your Meeting

Meetings are one of the biggest time consumers in your workplace – and a tired practice. So, why on earth haven’t we ...

Meeting Software
July 2 2018

The Magic of Speech Recognition: What are the Possibilities ...

Speech recognition. It’s almost like magic. You can just say a few words into the air, and a nearby digital device can ...

Meeting Software
June 22 2018

Cultivate Surprises and Achieve Dynamic Meetings

Meetings are such a big part of our workdays – and even take up much of our leisure time – that there is always the ...

Meeting Facilitation
August 7 2017

Where to Sit at the Meeting Table, and Why

You probably think it doesn’t matter which seat you pick at the meeting. Actually, your seat choice makes a clear ...

Meeting Fun
June 20 2017

Afford Meeting Minutes Respect and Gain a Valuable Tool

A well-prepared and carried out meeting might end up like a balloon following its encounter with a sharp pin – deflated ...

Meeting Minutes
June 16 2017

New Habits May Give New Life to Meetings

Just like the cows of Hinduism, the meeting seems a holy institution in Danish businesses and organisations. We have ...

Meeting Facilitation