Written by Ditte Ydegaard
on April 02, 2019

At Base2 and Pædagogkompagniet, the workload has been reduced by 70% since they started using the meeting platform Capturi. This releases additional time to do what the two organizations are best at - helping and supporting young people at risk.


FACTBOX: Base2 & Pædagogkompagniet

Martin Ørneborg Tykjær owns Base2 and Pædagogkompagniet, along with Michaela Esbjerg. The two small companies work together to support young people by matching them up with a contact person, arranging activities and tailoring personal processes for the individual young. At Christianshavn, Martin and Michaela run a little oasis, where young people come to play computer games, hang out and get a good talk.


Base2 & Pædagogkompagniet use FirstAgenda at their meetings


Ineffective staff meetings

Once a week, all staff and management of Base2 and Pædagogkompagniet meet up to talk about the ongoing processes. This is where they agree on who’ll be doing what, and discuss the best possible steps for the vulnerable young people. The rest of the time, all members of the staff are scattered all over the place, because most of their work happens one-to-one with the young people. Because of that, the staff meetings are the heart of the work in Base2 and Pædagogkompagniet.

I have always been bothered by our staff meetings, because way too many things never got out of the meeting room. Many important decisions were never written down, and that meant that they weren’t followed up on either. Capturi fixed that problem from day one, Martin says.

VIDEO: Listen to Martin telling about how Base2 and Pædagogkompagniet use Capturi in their weekly staff meetings.






From vague to solid structure

When 12 people are sat together at a staff meeting, there will often be 12 different opinions present at the table as well. This leads to important discussions about the issues at hand with the young people, but it also makes the meeting a jumble of chitchats without actual outputs.

With Capturi, we’ve got a structure to our talks and discussions, which makes the workflow much more correct. We still talk back and forth about things, but the difference is that now, all conversations end in a concrete decision or task, which we add to Capturi, Martin says.

In the meeting platform, Martin and his colleagues can assign the responsible person to each individual task. Then, each coworker can see their individual to-do list, which makes it easy to follow up on tasks throughout the week. This has made a noticeable difference, which Martin is very satisfied with.

I’ll estimate that 70% of the workload has been reduced, because we have gotten Capturi, Martin says.


Staff meeting with FirstAgenda 


Automatic keywords refresh the memory

For Martin and his colleagues, the automatic keywords in Capturi have great value.

We use the keywords to review what we talked about on the last meeting. If we want more details, we just click on a keyword and re-listen to that part. It’s much easier than to flip through traditional minutes from a three hours long meeting, Martin says.

Capturi uses advanced machine learning to pick out keywords from each meeting. If you want all details, it’s also possible to read the complete transcription or re-listen to the meeting from start to finish. Especially the last option is popular with the coworkers at Base2 and Pædagogkompagniet.

Many of our coworkers like to listen to the last meeting, while they’re just sitting in their cars anyway. You’ll be very well prepared for the next meeting, and it’s a great use of the driving time, Martin says.

Martin Ørneborg Tykjær, Base2

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Simple and intuitive - even with zero IT know-how

It’s important for Martin that the companies’ digital tools are simple, so the coworkers don’t need to spend extra energy on familiarizing themselves with complicated IT. That way, there will be more time for what really matters - finding the best way forward for each individual young person.

It’s a great strength that the meeting platform is so simple. When I introduced Capturi for the first time, I was met by a little resistance, because it was something new, but as soon as everyone was logged in, it was all smooth. Even those, who are not very skilled in IT had an easy start, Martin says.

FirstAgenda app


Now, we can be present

When Martin first stumbled upon Capturi on Facebook, he had no idea how important this small app would be to his company.

Capturi has changed a lot in our small company, and I’m very happy that we found this tool. Our meetings have become much better, and now, we can be present without having to worry about writing the meeting minutes. I’ll heartily recommend Capturi, which helps us a lot in our everyday work, Martin says.


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