Written by Ditte Ydegaard
on April 13, 2018
World Marine Offshore provides logistics solutions in offshore wind, oil and gas. The fast-growing company has around 150 employees working with shipping companies worldwide.


The 22 members of the management team have used Capturi since October 2017. This means, for example, that they can now settle for a weekly one-and-a-half-hour session instead of the daily 30-minutes meetings. In practice, this saves each meeting participant one hour every week - and that’s just one meeting group in the company.

"With Capturi, we no longer need to meet so often. Therefore, we have cut our daily morning meetings down to one per week"

 Lars Christian Zøhner & Assistant


Simple alternative to outdated task lists

Every moment counts for emerging businesses, so we developed a system to make it easier to ensure that everyone involved is getting the most out of their work day. 

According to CEO, Lars Christian Zøhner, the implementation of Capturi has not only reduced the number of meetings, but it has also helped the individual department managers to be more structured in their daily lives. 

"The integration of Microsoft To-Do is a great value to us. We can delegate tasks at the meeting, which automatically pops up on the individual's To-Do list, and has streamlined our workflows. Capturi is a simple and smart alternative to the hopelessly outdated Excel task lists we had before." 

In addition to saving World Marine Offshore countless minutes in unproductive meetings, Capturi also boosted employee motivation and job satisfaction. 

"Capturi, in connection with Outlook Calendar and Microsoft To-Do, means that all employees can always have an updated to-do list, so they can check-off the tasks as they are completed. This satisfaction boosts the job happiness of the individual, and that affects the productivity of the whole organization."

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Coordination across countries and time zones

With employees all around the world, most meetings in World Marine Offshore take place via Skype. Capturi is a user-friendly, common platform that makes it easy to go back and refresh decisions and details from meetings, wherever your employees are.

"We scale and grow, and it requires coordination across countries and time zones. If we want to succeed, we need management. Capturi does the job in a simple way that everyone can easily be a part of. The platform is so simple that you can’t do anything wrong."

Even though the entire management of World Marine Offshore rarely meets physically, it’s been stress-free to get started with Capturi.

"The implementation of Capturi has been easy, and the employees have only positive things to say about the app. It happens that someone brings a block and pen to the meetings of old habit. Then we say that they can put it away, because it's not necessary at all

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Better meeting culture

The implementation of Capturi has inspired management at World Marine Offshore to focus on the company's meeting culture.

"Capturi made us reconsider our meeting habits. Among other things, we added a section about meetings in our Code of Conduct. It has changed our culture and saved us from many unproductive meetings.”


Capturi is a part of the future plan

The next step for World Marine Offshore is to introduce Capturi to the board. Here, Lars Christan Zøhner emphasizes the advantage of replacing the traditional highlighting with keywords in Capturi.

"We spend a lot of time writing minutes at board meetings. With Capturi, we can go back and hear exactly what we were told and avoid spending time on the minutes."

 Lars Christian Zøhner plans to implement Capturi in several parts of the company.

"Capturi can replace sales reports, which right now takes too much of the sellers' time after customer meetings. In addition, I see an advantage in using Capturi at meetings in the technical departments when they delegate the tasks between each other."


Automatically updated to-do lists

Lars Christian Zøhner recommends Capturi to other companies that need a time-efficient, not time-consuming, task management system. For the management of World Marine Offshore, the implementation of Capturi has resulted in a positive development: 

"We have changed from meetings with no minutes and sometimes task lists to now always having both minutes and auto-updated to-do list"

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