Capturi Replaces Paper and Pencil at Mobilize Me

Ditte Ydegaard

Rikke Daugård is a consultant and coordinator in Mobilize Me. A company that develops utilities for people with cognitive challenges such as autism, ADHD and dementia. Rikke's working week is often full of meetings with existing customers, new customers and external partners in addition to internal meetings with her two colleagues. Common to all the meetings is that she always brings her Capturi meeting platform.


Using FirstAgenda

"With Capturi, I can better attend the meeting without worrying about remembering all the information - the platform does the job for me." - Rikke Daugård, consultant, Mobilize Me

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Capturi is a memory tool

For Rikke Daugård, Capturi became an indispensable tool in her everyday work. The platform helps her maintain knowledge from her meetings without having to take notes along the way.

"I can relax more and focus on being present during meetings because Capturi supports my memory. I'm always able to go back and find the information I need. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get specific information because I can just re-listen to that part of the meeting at a later date."

Rikke Daugård notices a clear difference from before she had Capturi to now, where the platform is a staple in all of her meetings.

"I have notebooks filled with handwritten notes from before I got Capturi. At that time, I wrote notes and mind maps with arrows back and forth, which rarely made sense after the meeting. It was stressful because I often tried to write down the customer's sentences word-for-word, and you simply don’t have time for that when you also have to be present at the meeting."

Optimizing meetings 

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Bookmarking the significant info

Often, Rikke Daugård needs to remember something specific from the meeting. For Rikke Daugård, it’s usually the customer meetings where she finds herself needing to bookmark a point in the conversation. For example, it could be feedback from users. After all, feedback doesn’t always come in an organized way.

"When I hear something that I may have to remember to follow up on, I put a bookmark in the meeting. Afterwards, I can tap the bookmarks and hear that part again. It's a fast and smart way to summarize the most important parts of the meeting."

In addition, Rikke Daugård is especially pleased with the option to add photos to the meeting.

"I'm visual by nature and often draw various models and mind maps on the white board. That's why it's smart that I can take a picture of it and save it together with the recording and notes from the meeting."


Watch the video with Rikke Daugård telling about the module Assistant in Capturi




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Less time spend on meetings minutes

When she is back in the office after the meeting, Capturi makes it easy for Rikke Daugård to construct the meeting minutes.

"I spend less time writing meeting minutes. Before, I was often in doubt about details and couldn’t always remember the context of my notes. Now, I don’t have to ask customers, colleagues or search in previous emails- I can easily just find the answer with Capturi."

For Rikke Daugård, meeting minutes are a necessity in everyday work-life. They allow her and her team to retrieve and find information from previous meetings.

"Meeting minutes support our team to be able to make the right decisions based on fact and not just what we think we can remember. Therefore, minutes are an important tool in our company, even if they take time to write. That time, Capturi has fortunately shortened"

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When two languages are involved

Rikke Daugård is also responsible for educating her company to get started with their available tools. Therefore, Rikke’s starting point is very different from the various developers.

"We often speak completely different languages, and it may be hard to communicate at a high level of efficiency. At such meetings it makes a lot of sense to be able to hear the conversation again."


A simple solution for maintaining knowledge

Rikke believes that retention of knowledge and experience sharing is a challenge at many workplaces. She recommends Capturi to other companies and individuals who would like to address the problem.

"It's so bad if there's a ton of lost knowledge. That's exactly what Capturi counteracts in a simple and smart way."


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