Written by Ditte Ydegaard
on May 16, 2019

Sea Health & Welfare can both maintain the knowledge from their meetings and remain engaged and present with Capturi.

The consultants are constantly on the go, which requires a specific and strategic meeting structure and a reliable way of organizing the large amount of information.

The team are especially concerned about this, because they put a great effort into improving the organizational structure. This is why they now use Capturi as their all-in-one meeting tool.


Who is Sea Health & Welfare? 

Sea Health & Welfare is a non-profit private consultancy organization which supports the Danish shipping industry. Their expertise is in occupational safety, health and welfare. The team consists of 18 members who have both internal and external meetings. These meetings often take place in different locations both on board ships and ashore at company offices.


Head of Department, Vivek Menon, speaks on behalf of the team in this interview.

 Sea Health & Welfare uses FirstAgenda


The power of eye contact

The consultants at Sea Health & Welfare travel to have meetings with different clients and stakeholders. They know the importance of having physical meetings. However, even though the meetings take place face-to-face, Vivek still experiences a hurdle that prevents him from looking his meeting companions in the eyes.

When you spend the whole meeting looking down at your laptop, you lose the connection to your colleague or business partner. You struggle to multitask; address the topic, be present and make notes. With Capturi, I’m able to have a hands-free meeting and actually be engaged without losing information.

Vivek and his colleagues find great value in Capturi's transcription feature that transcribes the meeting conversation and divides it into speaker sections – like a play script.

With the app recording and transcribing everything it’s like having a personal assistant, which means that I don't have to be my own personal meeting assistant anymore.


Watch the video of Vivek talking about the meeting structure at Sea Health & Welfare:





When the agenda gets lost in transition

At Sea Health & Welfare they face the same meeting challenges as many other organizations. Somehow, their email inboxes are overflowing – which buries emails that they were supposed to read. These important messages include things like meeting invites, agendas, or an updated document for an agenda item.

By using Capturi, we always have the agenda stored in one location which is easily accessible. The various search options make it simple to go back and find the meeting you're looking for.

Vivek also mentions that the tasks assigned at meetings are often overlooked and therefore forgotten. However, Capturi provides a comprehensive timeline with all your tasks organized by meeting, so you don't have to manually put together a to-do checklist.


Sea Health & Welfare and FirstAgenda Do you want to experience Capturi for yourself? Try it for free now.


How to change meeting habits? 

The implementation of Capturi has been varied because some of the employees still prefer the traditional way of having meetings.

It's important for us to not make fixed, top-down decisions (for instance, demand colleagues to use a specific tool). Instead, we try to lead by example and encourage our employees to explore the possibilities of Capturi. Even though our meeting habits aren’t changed completely, I believe this is the best way to implement the tool in the long run

Watch Vivek's recommendations for other organizations that want to disrupt their meetings:





Drinking water as a trending topic

For a consultancy organization like Sea Health & Welfare, Vivek sees a great potential in Capturi's feature, 'trending topics'.

For instance, if I have a lot of meetings about drinking water, I can click that topic and then see all the meetings where I discussed drinking water. This makes it easy to pick out the information that I need instead of having to search through all my meetings – which can be very time consuming.

Vivek looks forward to having the consultants in Sea Health & Welfare explore all the best ways of using Capturi.

As a new consultancy organization, we are still in a learning process to find the best way to structure our meetings, but we already raised the meeting quality with Capturi, so I'm sure that we will only get better the more we use the tool.

Sea Health & Welfare meeting


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