Written by Julie Løkke Jessen
on April 04, 2019

The hype for Game of Thrones is at its peak with Season 8 on the way – and we’re all patiently waiting to see how this insanely popular drama series will come to an end.

At Capturi, we couldn't hold in our excitement! So, we put our anxious energy to work by creating something even Gorge R. R. Martin could appreciate: a complete list of the most important characters from Game of Thrones – in the meeting room.

Find out which Game of Thrones character your are in your meetings. Let’s get started.


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Here's a quick overview (read on for in-depth descriptions):


1. Daenerys Targaryen – First of Her Name, Queen of Decisions, Khaleesi of the many Titles, Breaker of Bad Meetings and Mother of Agendas

2. Tyrion Lannister – The Imp (Improver of Meeting Performance)

3. Jon Snow – The Bastard of Effective Meetings

4. Arya Stark – “All Men Must Attend Meetings”

5. Joffrey Baratheon – The King of Hating Meetings (not the first of his title)

6. Margaery Tyrell – The Foreign Fighter

7. Tywin Lannister – The Mighty Meeting Facilitator

8. Cersei Lannister – The Power-Longing Meeting-Mother

9. Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish – The Mysterious Meeting Attendee

10. Sansa Stark – The Understated Meeting Strategist

11. Hodor – The Meeting-Door Holder


Daenerys Targaryen – First of Her Name, Queen of Decisions, Khaleesi of the Many Titles, Breaker of Bad Meetings and Mother of Agendas



You have a dominant role in meetings. Your presence demands attention and attendees are listening when you speak. You always provide a firm agenda and purpose for the meeting. As uncrowned queen of the 7 Kingdoms, you get straight to the point and don’t mind making decisions – no matter how many irrelevant protests you may get from your colleagues. You wish to be spoken to with your title – regardless of your role in the company.


Characteristics: Her hair is bright like silver and styled perfectly with complicated braids. She is powerful and her eyes are very assessing but, fear not, if she throws the conversation your direction – you’ve at least earned her attention! Before collaborating, make sure to "bend the knee" or you might be out of luck.


Tyrion Lannister – The Imp (Improver of Meeting Performance)


You have deep insight into the strategic games of meetings. You have the guts to laugh scornfully at a bad idea and use your talent of speaking to help others realize how bad their ideas actually are. You usually back this up with undocumented examples from your carrier – both deeply tragic and very funny stories.
You work best at meetings that involve (unlimited amounts of) alcohol, but a large portion of snacks will also be a hit. You piously say your opinion, but experience has taught you that the fewest take your word seriously, so you might as well lean back and save a bit of energy.


Characteristics: Short in attention and in height, he looks as if he’s been dragged into the meeting. With his constant eye rolls and raised eyebrows, he’s hard to read. But behind his sarcastic comments is superior intelligence and great strategic plans.


Jon Snow – The Bastard of Effective Meetings



You are the brave addition to the meeting room. You’re often away on long mountaineering trips to cold places, but every time you return, it’s with new insight and resolute plans. You recently had a fatal downtime period, but now you’re back at it as if you’ve risen from the dead – ready to fight and full of controversial plans of action.
You like taking risks and can spend hours trying to convince everyone that the risk will be worth it. Even though your ideas aren’t always realistic you seduce the other attendees with your gorgeous hair. If you get one of your ideas through, you will most likely be put in a leading and responsible position – even if you’re not quite sure how to execute the job. Despite the fact that many see you as reckless, most people still think you’re pretty bad-ass.


Characteristics: His hair is well groomed, yet still unkept, greased in such a way that it makes you wonder if he ever washed it. The look in his dreamy eyes is always neutral, but you sense great courage and defiance behind them. Swoon!


Arya Stark – ”All men must attend meetings”



You are 100% determined when you set a goal. You’re not shy to boast your honest opinion, even if the truth is harsh. Your overarching mission is to maintain effective meetings. To make sure you reach that mission, you keep a list of all the attendees that inhibit the meeting efficiency, thus you ensure that the guilty are reproved. Your bravery shines through in every situation and you’ll take any challenge with fierce moral.


Characteristics: She appears mysterious and independent. She’s always busy with some kind of challenging and important project. Only a few in the company actually know what she’s doing or who she is, because her email signature reads: “A girl is no one.”


Joffrey Baratheon – The King of Hating Meetings (not the first of his name)



“Another meeting?!” “None of these ideas are good for anything!” You’re always the negative person in the meeting room. You never listen to the other attendees, because you don’t think they should be taken seriously. You have a very short fuse, which keeps the others from annoying you, simple because they don’t want to listen to you anymore. You rarely participate actively in meetings, but you always complain about the decisions afterwards and the following consequences. When you do finally participate in the decision-making process, it always leads to worrying results, since you can’t think very far ahead.


Characteristics: He has a negative attitude with frequent tantrums. He’s got a pair of truant eyes that are always locked on the coffee cup (in case someone poisons it). He thinks of himself and his “work” very highly.


Margaery Tyrell – The Foreign Fighter



You’re a newcomer to the company, but that doesn’t stop you from making your mark wherever you can. You are determined for direct power and pick a fight with poise and preparedness. In addition, you prefer to take advantage of your beautiful looks. You appear loving and kind, but anyone who believes in that only fools themselves. Behind every kind act there’s a greater plan – becoming friends with the right people to flatter your way to the top. At the meeting, you often throw compliments and go for a little hug instead of a firm handshake.


Characteristics: She’s beautiful and noticeably dressed. She has a formidable smile that can make anyone at the meeting table get on board with her plans. She can see through any trick an opponent confronts her with.


Tywin Lannister – The Mighty Meeting Facilitator



You’re not the CEO, but everyone knows that you’re the one making decisions. You have a calm and strategic approach to any discussion, and every single decision you make is extremely deliberate. Your strategic mindset has led you to the top and, since day one, you’ve been striving for power with great ambition.

Because you’ve worked so hard, you consider you’re position of power as your life’s work. Your ultimate goal is to pass your legacy to your children, who recently became employees in the company. You’re tough on your coworkers, but it’s always in the name of justice. Towards your enemies, you show merciless distrust.


Characteristics: He’s the most expensively dressed and he sits at the end of the table with an evaluative and scrutinizing gaze. He doesn’t say much, but everyone listens when he speaks.


Cersei Lannister – The Power-Longing Meeting-Mother



You know exactly what you want, and you have numerous assistants to help to reach your goal. They’re willing to fight for you – probably because you pay them generously (in coffee and snacks). You bring your assistants to every meeting, where they’re either placed right outside the door or in the corner of the meeting room – ready to back you up.

You appear cynical, cold and hardcore, because you would never dream of showing any emotion or weakness. Your face can lock in the most serious, calculative folds, so your opponents have no idea what you’re thinking. Most of your work happens outside the meeting room on the corridors where you whisper and conspire, threaten and help those you have plans with.
When you first admire someone, it’s shown through complete devotion. You’ll do anything (literally) for those you hold dear and rescue them in any heated discussion at the meeting table.


Characteristics: She’s always elegantly dressed in long gowns and gold jewelry. Her hair is shiny and curls flawlessly around her sharp face. She always sits next to the manager.



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Petyr ”Littlefinger” Baelish – The Mysterious Meeting Attendee



You are the meeting attendee that prefers not to sit at the actual meeting table, but on a chair in the back of the room and observe quietly. You already have a plan for everything you want to happen, which makes the meeting subordinate. No matter the meeting decision, you’ll just take a walk with the manager afterwards and convince him/her what the right thing to do is. If you’re called out during the meeting, you usually reply with a mysterious quote, that has no relevance whatsoever to what you were asked, but certainly removes the attention away from you. You unyieldingly strive for power, but you keep a low profile, so you avoid unnecessary competitors. You stay on good terms with everybody, but no one really knows if they can trust you.


Characteristics: Both his look and tone of voice are devious. He’s always whispering and secretive, thus incredible hard to read.


Sansa Stark – The Understated Meeting Strategist



You attend most meetings, but you’re not the one that speaks the loudest – you let the power-hungry have the stage. Instead, you sit and observe, making your own conclusions from what’s being said. You seem quiet, careful and uncomfortable. Maybe that has something to do with all the traumatizing events both the CEO and the managers have put you through. You’re suspicious and carefully consider who you can trust. You’re good at playing nice to make people think that you’re on their side. An advantage in the game of meeting-power.

Even though you seem weak, the other attendees shouldn’t dismiss you. If they harm you, they light a fire inside of you that won’t be turned off until you get your revenge. You weren’t always like this – but all the horrible things added up. Now, you won’t take any mistreating from anyone.


Characteristics: She’s got flaming red hair and a humble appearance. Behind her seemingly naïve eyes, lies incredible willpower and a fierce fighter that no one wants to challenge.


Hodor – The Meeting-Door Holder



You are the mentally absent meeting attendee. The attendee that strategically has put yourself far away from the others at the table. You don’t really know what the meeting is about, or why you’re there. You’re very good at saying “Mhm” and nodding, when an attendee looks your way.
Despite all this, you’re considered an important part of the meeting, since it was you who picked up extra chairs and went to refill coffee cups. Furthermore, you’re the polite type who always smiles and holds the door for other attendees. You’re loyal to the bottom of your heart towards anyone who’s good to you.


Characteristics: He’s dressed in practical, frumpy clothes. He doesn’t say much but always introduces himself to everyone by saying his name. He can’t be overlooked, even though his seat is usually in the corner of the room.



Thanks for reading along! Now you’ve seen how different we can be at meetings – by example of Game of Thrones. Some are tough, hard and rough while others are cunning, clever and crafty. Some are brave, some are sweet. Some are quiet, some are loud.

Each and every meeting attendee have their own qualities and vulnerabilities. You’ve found your character in the meeting room, but who are your coworkers? Share this blogpost and see if they agree with you.



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