Written by Sisse Haldrup
on September 28, 2018
Meetings are one of the biggest time consumers in your workplace – and a tired practice. So, why on earth haven’t we reinvented them for the digital age yet?


Give your meetings a makeover


All other work procedures have been transformed over the years. These processes evolved enormously with the innovative software of our time. For example, look at the sales department; they benefit from the CRM systems’ customer managing. Or, the finance sector’s accounting efficiency with help from the ERP systems. 

This might make you wonder: “Why hasn’t anyone done the same trick with meetings?” 


The problem: repeat offenders

The overwhelming number of meetings we attend or schedule every day is downright frustrating. It’s not because we don’t want to meet with other people, or because we don’t want to discuss things, but because meetings often equal boring and repetitive tasks 

For example, to have a meeting you must:

- Find an optimal time in everybody’s calendars

- Create an agenda

- Send the meeting invitation

- Prepare and collect relevant information

- Ask the attendees for inputs

- Book a meeting room

- Hold the meeting

- Take notes and write the meeting minutes

- Take care of the notes and send the minutes to every relevant person

- Execute the decisions made in the meeting…

… and on, and on. This process isn’t always the same for everybody, but what’s the same for all is that most of the tasks are manual. The consequence: forgetting tasks.

A modern-day catastrophe? Quite possibly.


If the purpose with the meeting isn’t clearly communicated, or the meeting minutes aren’t written down – what’s the point of the meeting? More likely than not, you’ve seen this happen many times in your own office. 


Give your meetings a technological makeover


So, how do we give our meetings a much-needed makeover?

We’re busy chasing the newest technology to optimize our everyday work life. But why only outside the meeting rooms?

Many workplaces ban digital devices in meetings in an effort to avoid disruptions. The pinging or buzzing of a device is the meeting facilitator’s worst nightmare. But, as with so many other aspects of your life, technology can be used to your advantage.

In a perfect world, every meeting process will be streamlined with technology. Productive, creative and in-tune with other processes in your business.

In a world like that, you wouldn’t have to worry about sending reminders, synchronizing notes, distributing meeting material, writing meeting minutes and so on.


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In today’s business landscape, time is everything

Free of all the tedious tasks, you will have much more time to focus on the important things. Things like teamwork, being present, getting great ideas and making strong decisions that actually help to better yourself, the company and maybe even the world.




At Capturi, we developed a meeting platform that does all of this and more. It all started with a simple mission to reinvent meetings for today’s demand. Now, Capturi makes meetings better for people all over the world!

If you’re interested in a solution like this, read more about Capturi and try it here:

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