Written by Ditte Ydegaard
on September 18, 2019

Capturi stands out as an all-in-one software that helps professional teams get the most out of their meetings and sustain the knowledge captured in the meeting room.

Until now, Capturi has been a product of FirstAgenda, a Danish meeting-tech software company. During the last few months, we have experienced great interest in our new meeting platform and the possibility of using technology to optimize business meetings. As a result, we have decided to give our software the focus it needs to grow as a full-grown solution and make Capturi an independent company.


We chose Capturi as the name of our meeting platform because it underlines that:

we make sure knowledge from meetings is CAPTURED, saved and distributed to the right people in the best possible format.


Capturi gif


Technology as meeting support

So, how can an all-in-one meeting tool help your team?

In the preparation phase, Capturi allows your team to collaborate on creating the agenda. On it, you can make your teammates responsible for items, and everyone can add documents, highlight, and chat on the agenda. Personalized notifications will keep you updated on changes, and you will always have the latest version at hand.

During the meeting, you don’t have to scribble down notes to capture the knowledge created in the meeting room, because we have developed a better way to do it. Capturi uses speech recognition to generate automated keywords, and if you tap the bookmark, a timestamp is created, and a short recording is saved for later. Just label the bookmark, and then you have a powerful automatic note-taker. 

Throughout the meeting, your team can collaborate on the minutes in real-time - assigning tasks and noting decisions. We are currently working on integrating Capturi with leading productivity tools and communication platforms to keep your worklife in sync.




The debriefing is the strongest factor in Capturi. If you have ever attempted searching for a specific detail in an email thread or a chat conversation, then you know why organized debriefing is important

With Capturi, all your meeting data is carefully captured, saved and organized the way you want by help of filters and labels. Rest easy knowing you can always find the details you need to keep track of your projects and teams with the comprehensive search function. In addition, the automatically generated keywords from every meeting will serve as an effective memory-trigger.


The future of meetings is Capturi

All the above and more are what Capturi can do for you today. It is indeed an all-in-one tool, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for new features and functions.

Gazing into the future, Capturi is to extend the list of integrations, to make our software even easier to implement and add to your existing toolbox. As for now, Capturi integrates seamlessly with Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams and To-do.

The way we develop Capturi will be a result of what users teach us. We have a dedicated squad of customer success consultants ready to listen to your needs and a team of developers ready to shape Capturi based on user feedback.

We are happy to offer you a free version of our meeting platform for up to 10 users. If you’re curious about what value an all-in-one meeting tool could bring to your team, please visit, sign up and invite your team members.


We are looking forward to hearing what you think about Capturi.

Thanks, on behalf of the Capturi team. We’re thrilled to welcome you on board!

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