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January 3 2019

3 Pros and Cons of Using Speech Recognition in Your Business

Speech recognition is no longer just a "fun feature" that you use to ask Siri what the meaning of life is (try it). ...

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December 7 2018

Guest Blog: Meeting Tips for Startups

Guest blog written by Taylor Ryan, CMO at

Meeting Preparation
November 30 2018

Use Meetings to Motivate Employees

Meetings can get you on the path towards motivated employees.   Motivation is a popular word and phenomenon we all ...

Meeting Facilitation
November 27 2018

7 Tips to Facilitate a Walking Meeting

You know walking is good - but how do you do walk and talk meetings?

Meeting Facilitation
November 21 2018

How to Prepare for Your Meeting + Free Agenda Template

Preparation is always important, but especially so in meetings.

Meeting Preparation
November 14 2018

The 4 Most Important Meeting Types

Most of us can relate: entering a meeting room without knowing what you’re in for. You might know the other meeting ...

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November 12 2018

Guide: Choose the Right Meeting Space

Is the meeting space you've chosen contributing to productive work?

Meeting Preparation
November 7 2018

Do You Want Effective Meetings? Here's the Perfect Weekday ...

Every weekday is different, and they're best for each their type of meeting.

Meeting Preparation
October 18 2018

Sneak Peek: How Speech Technology Affects Future You

A report on the key takeaways from the world’s largest conference on speech science and technology, Interspeech 2018.  

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October 16 2018

6 Crazy Ideas to Bring Laughter into Your Meetings

Does your workplace tend to be a bit serious? Is it a place where people could benefit from loosening up a bit? When ...

Meeting Fun
September 28 2018

Meeting Makeover: How to Bring Technology into Your Meeting

Meetings are one of the biggest time consumers in your workplace – and a tired practice. So, why on earth haven’t we ...

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